10 Days 09 Nights


  • Accommodation in the following hotels:
  • - 5 star Crowne Plaza Hotel in Geneva (3 nights)
  • Crowne plaza hotel
  • - 4 Star Hotel Fauss Berg Holiday Inn (2 Nights)
  • Holiday inn Schindellegi Zurichsee
  • - 3-star Holiday Inn Hotel in Strasbourg (4 Nights)
  • Holiday inn Express Strasbourg
  • - A tourist guide who speaks Arabic
  • - Air conditioned tourist bus
  • - Access to tourist places and provide tickets for entry
  • - The planned cities to visit (Geneva - Anse - Chamonier - Interlaken - Lucerne - Strasbourg - Colmar - Basel - Tri-Berg - Baden-Baden - Frei Brag)
  • - Tickets available to tourist places
  • The tourist boat in Anse
  • Summer Chalet in Chamonix
  • - The boat in the Rhine Falls
  • - Waterfall in Trey Prague
  • - Coco Clock Clock
  • Black Forest Museum
  • - Clock Museum
  • - Europe Park (tickets including all activities)
  • - Wheel rotor Geneva
  • First Day : Geneva
  • When arriving at Geneva International Airport, please follow the instructions below. Outside the airport there is a dedicated hotel area, which is free of charge. Please take the designated van (30 minutes) and the hotel is 5 minutes from the airport. - Crowne Plaza Hotel is available every 20 (when you arrive at the hotel receive the key to the room and enjoy a free day, and in the evening at eight o'clock meeting your tour guide in the hotel lobby to know and take instructions to start the tours

  • Day Two: France Forget
  • I forget
  • Breakfast in the hotel lounge and meeting in the lobby, in the morning we will head to France to the romantic city of Annecy in the Alps and its charming lake for a one hour tour of the boat and enjoy the spectacular views of the French countryside and then follow the city and its beautiful bodies hugging the edges of the canals reminiscent of the city of Venice and tasting Ice creams, explore the characteristic park along the lake's water bar, experience the famous French bread with cheeses and buy beautiful souvenirs in its old markets. The Chamonix amusement park offers a summer experience that stretches for a long distance in the open air and is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains until summer. Chamonix is ​​the highest town in France. After a long day of fun you can have a cold drink and a quick meal. The Montazah Restaurant and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the Alps

  • Day 3: Switzerland Interlaken
  • Interlaken
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall and then move to the Swiss city of Interlaken, where you can penetrate the heart of the Swiss countryside and enjoy the wonderful road leading to it, taking pictures of nature rich in colors, lakes and traditional rural houses. Upon arrival we will spend free time to explore the city and your tour guide will help you get the best way to invest your time in the city (the experience of paragliding, horseback riding, boat tours, various restaurants (Hindi, Arabic, Lebanese)

  • Day 4: Switzerland Schaffhausen
  • Schaffhausen
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall in the morning and then start our tours. For our first day of adventures, the great Rhine Falls in the city of Schwehausen on the Swiss-German border enjoy the ride of the boat and take the unique pictures of the waterfall close and the feeling of flying spray and cold water is a refreshing experience. From there we head towards Lucerne and its glittering lake of beauty, sophistication and luxury. The oldest bridges are the oldest, the Chapel Bridge, which is the symbol of the city, where the history of the city is presented in the form of drawings of the most important events and influential personalities in the open air, the visit of the wounded tomb of Lucerne and Lucerne's most exciting teacher, And its playgrounds and shopping.

  • Day 5: Germany Black Forest
  • the black Forest
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall and the move from the hotel in Switzerland to Germany (the Black Forest) and is called black for the density of trees in the forests that block the sun from entering it, which is the most beautiful and most popular area in Germany. Before leaving Switzerland spend some time in Basel, Switzerland, which is famous for the manufacture of watches and touring the old city and is the third largest city and the most important center of art and music in Switzerland. The city of Colmar, the capital of the province of Alsace, has remained a beautiful city since the Middle Ages. The history of the city is famous in all its corners and it is famous for its waterways, which cut through the city to paint a variety of natural pictures scattered on its banks. Souvenirs.

  • Day 6: Germany Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall to start in the city of Strasbourg, the history of ancient German and French, the most important cities in the Black Forest area, and we will tour the city and explore, especially the old courtyard and taste French sweets in the beautiful machete. And then take the roads leading to the city of Baden-Baden and the word Baden means the bathroom and so called for the existence of springs and baths of mineral water, which is one of the most beautiful areas in Germany and this city has become famous throughout history as a resort for the rich in summer and winter, and visit the old town and the romantic road or street lovers and after that you get time Free (you can experience hot water springs and recommend swimming pools) Note: (mixed bathrooms).

  • Day 7: Germany Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg
  • Breakfast in the Hotel Lounge Morning Start our daily tours. This day it deepens in the paths of the Black Forest and explores it with a waterfall and the Triberg fountain in the Black Forest. From there to the city of Treiburg where we explore its old spaces and shops, especially the world's famous wall clocks market and then stop to visit the world's largest clock and explore the parts and details of its industry. A museum of the history of the wall clock industry, we walk around and review the evolution of the industry over time. . You will also have the opportunity to enter the museum, which shows the history of the development of buildings and houses in Germany during ancient history to the present and is open exhibition in the open air. Our last stop is the city of Fry Burg, the capital of the Black Forest region, where we roam in free time.

  • Day 8: Germany Germany
  • Germany
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall in the morning In preparation for another day of excitement, spend a day in the city of games (Europe Park), which is the most modern and largest in Europe and contains all the entertainment requirements for adults and young people experience unique and unique.

  • Day 9: Switzerland Geneva
  • Geneva
  • Breakfast in the hotel hall in the morning We bid farewell to Germany and the black destination and go to our last stop in Geneva on a long journey some thing but give you a chance.

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